Southernisms Series

Southernisms Series

The Southernisms Series celebrates the quirks of being Southern by translating some of the most popular phrases said by Southern Mamas everywhere into the perfect scent.

Scents in this series include:

• Hey Y'all - the scent of honeysuckle on the evening breeze is contained in this candle

• As Country as Cornbread - the surprisingly delicious scent of sweet honey and warm cornbread

• As Country as Nanner Puddin' - the quintessential Southern dessert in candle form 

• Bless Your Heart - This versatile Southern phrase can be an expression of solidarity or a vicious jab. This blend of peach and magnolia will be your new favorite.

• Fit as a Fiddle - an invigorating blend of fresh mint and juicy citrus will have you feeling as fit as a fiddle

• Sweet Home Mississippi - nothing evokes a sweet memory of Mississippi quite like the delicate scent of magnolia blossoms


Scents are available in candles, wax melts, and room sprays.