Shipping Timeline - Summer 2020

Shipping for Summer 2020 Announcement

The temperatures are rising! This means that candles and wax goods will ONLY be shipped Mondays through Wednesdays to try to cut down on the amount of time these goodies sit in a hot truck or warehouse.

So, if you place an order on Thursday through Sunday, please be aware that your order will ship NO SOONER THAN the following Monday.

We cannot control the weather, nor can we control how the postal service handles the packages once they leave here. PLEASE BE AWARE of when your package ships and follow the tracking info so you can bring it in out of the heat as soon as possible. Shipping to a PO BOX or climate controlled receptacle is advised.

We do not refund or replace products due to melting or heat/weather-related damages. These are not covered by insurance. Please be aware of your weather circumstances. Have someone else retrieve your package if you are unable to do so.

Thank you for your understanding! Happy summer!



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